Genuine empathy and simple acts of kindness make all the difference. Find those people in your life who are truly there for you.

Communication, Empathy, Healing

April 6, 2024

Healing Through Connection: Compassionate Support in Times of Loss

Despite our best intentions, our words and actions may not always be completely understood. It is within these moments that the art of communication takes center stage.

Communication, Empathy

February 6, 2024

Communication and Changing Perspectives

Increasing our consciousness allows us to build empathy.

Through empathy, we can build a better world for ourselves and everyone in it.

Consciousness, Empathy

January 16, 2024

Building Consciousness to Increase Empathy

Today, I remind you to embrace your sensitivities rather than hiding them from the world.

Your empathy makes you special. You are a “super-responder”!


January 9, 2024

Are You an Empath? Sensitivity is Your Super Power


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