Holistic Anxiety Healing for Brave, Whole-Hearted Souls

Due to Public Health recommendations, all services will be exclusively online. New clients are welcome.

That’s what I can help you do… especially if you want to get to the root cause of your anxiety fast and heal on all levels—mind, body, and spirit.

You’ve just got to dig beneath the

spinning thoughts,

the overwhelm, 

the lack of direction.

You’re already marvelous.

Come back to yourself, release stress, and heal burnout with this 22-minute meditation. You’ll feel grounded, peaceful, and ready to take charge of your life. 

Anxiety-Melting Meditation

Available as an MP3 download only

I am a somatic psychotherapist and certified body-mind psychology coach partnering with brave, whole-hearted humans who are ready to heal their anxiety FOR GOOD.


I believe 

I believe that everyone can and deserves to live the life of their greatest dreams. Yes, this is possible… even if you’ve suffered for decades with depression, PTSD, anxiety, burnout, or OCD. 

How do I know? 

I’ve worked with dozens of clients who have suffered trauma of all sorts. From members of the U.S. military with combat-related trauma to mothers grieving the loss of their infant children, NO ONE is “too far gone” to benefit from holistic anxiety healing.

My approach is integrative

I work with brave, whole-hearted souls who want to see healing on all levels—body, mind, and spirit—so they feel free to become their best self, free from the chains of crippling anxiety.

Hi, I'm Veronica!

I am a Holistic Somatic Psychotherapist and Certified Body Mind Coach. The foundation of my work is building consciousness (awareness) through inner healing. Emotional Empowerment, self-love and deep connection to the world (nature and all sentient beings) are the ultimate by-products of healing. Embodied Spirituality is the vehicle for deep change and living your truth. 

I utilize energy work, mindfulness, sacred rituals and somatic experiencing to calm your nervous system. This gentle approach permits your inner healer to guide you. Together we do soul excavation to bring forth inner peace, creativity and blossoming prosperity.. 

You are more powerful than you know or believe. We will glide masterfully between shadow and light as I see the beauty in your story. Together with the Divine and your precious heart, we alchemize wounds into gold. 

Transforming brokenness into light is the ultimate liberation.

For me, travel is an immersion encompassing culture, people, sentient beings, spirituality and beliefs. Awareness of the expansiveness of our universe takes one out of me mode directly into we mode. We may differ in traditions but we all possess a heart.

My work with the military blessed me with opportunities to live on or near international bases and posts. Supporting some of our bravest I quickly understood the cost of courage and acts of selflessness.

As a wanderlust I explored, mingled with locals and expanded my love for humanity. Unity is no longer a concept but an embedded truth. We are all one, we need each other.

These are but a few peeks of my excursions. Where will I land in 2022? Perhaps you’ll join me for an extraordinary adventure and retreat. Bring new meaning to the words “life-changing.“

Over time, those health issues have a snowball effect. It can mean thousands of dollars in medical bills, not to mention a lower quality of life, which is hard to quantify.

Heart disease
Eating disorders

And it exacerbates chronic issues like:

Anxiety takes a MASSIVE toll on all areas of your life. It causes:

It’s never too late.

Let’s turn back time together 

Heart palpitations
Higher cortisol levels
Physical pain

You might not start with a clean slate, but you WILL infuse more joy, fun, and laughter into your life. Things that upset you before simply won’t.

All it takes is willingness to dive beneath the ocean’s surface and a commitment to keep showing up even when it’s uncomfortable.

When you heal your anxiety holistically through somatic psychotherapy, you’re healing your body, not just your mind and spirit.

I feel confident and I love my life.

On the other side of healing your anxiety, there’s a lighter, brighter future. Many of my somatic psychotherapy clients have:

Asked for raises at their jobs, 
Started businesses,
Built greater wealth for their families 
Met their life partners, and 
Found their dream homes.

I want YOU to experience that same level of joy. For YOU to love your life just that much. Because you deserve it. Because you’re worth it. If you don’t believe that yet, that’s okay. Wherever you are on your path, know that healing starts with a single step. And that next step? Let’s just say it’s as simple as ordering your go-to Starbucks drink. If you’re reading this and thinking, “I’m sick of my anxiety, and I just want to get better…”

Walk away saying

You don’t have to drink coffee or tea. Or even show up with a beverage at all. Just arrive with an open heart and mind. I’ll be ready to listen so you feel heard and seen.

I’d like to invite you to book a free coffee chat with me.

If you’re still reading,
or you’re a bit uncertain…

Anxiety keeps you stuck, so you’re focused on distractions instead of taking action. It prevents you from making decisions, and the intrusive thoughts sap your energy. 

I believe that ANYONE who has the courage to ask for help and who bravely faces their past trauma WILL find the healing they seek. I’m rooting for you, and if you choose to work with me, I’ll be all-too-honored to support you.

When you work with me, you’ll recover time and energy you can dedicate to your hobbies and loved ones.

Know that healing your anxiety is the portal to creating an amazing life. 

No matter your time zone, you can take part in

Private Sessions

Moving Out of Anxiety, helps you heal grief and anxiety resulting from death, miscarriage, divorce, the pandemic, job loss, abuse, emotional abandonment, or financial insecurity. Group course launches when the next free five day workshop launches.

Group Program

Moving Out Of Anxiety

Find healing and relief faster than you can nuke your lukewarm coffee. In my digital video-based course, you’ll identify your anxiety triggers, rebalance your body, and loosen the ironclad grip that anxiety has on you. Guided breathwork, meditation tracks, and expert nutrition advice… oh my!

Coming Soon

Self-Paced Course

with me. Over Zoom, we connect 1-on-1, getting to the root causes of your anxiety and healing them at the source. Sessions are tailored to your individual needs and follow your unique healing journey.

Holistic Anxiety Healing 

Work With Me

There are three ways you can

Free Five Day Workshop

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Teletherapy Now Available

A must-read for any woman, who wishes to be inspired by women who chose to hope and dream—then mindfully created the life they wanted using their souls as guides and truths as a beacon.

Life Reimagined

I'm also a co-author of

What helped me especially in the Adult Sibling Loss Workshop was acknowledging the hole I feel in my heart of losing my brother to dementia. Losing contact with the brother I’ve known all my life. Veronica made me feel comfortable. She has a good way of addressing Veronica made me feel comfortable.

Veronica made me feel comfortable

FG - California

Adult Sibling Loss Workshop

After my mother passed, my family was torn apart. Veronica’s gentle way of helping me with my grief was exactly what I needed. She never gave up on me even when I gave up on myself. I am a better person with a lighter heart, and I’m finally able to love again.

I’m finally able to love again

L.R. - NY. 

Grief Workshop

When I began working with Veronica, I wasn’t sure what I wanted my life to be like. But with Veronica’s help, I got to a place where I could relax enough to let my thoughts wander instead of feeling the pressure of ‘knowing’ what I wanted. Less than a year later, I had the relationship that I always wanted, which turned into the marriage that I’d always wanted, and now I have a gorgeous 18-month-old. My husband has the same visions for the future as I do and we are working toward them together. Better yet? The present is just as wonderful, and no one is more surprised than me.

I got to a place where I could relax

Christina H - Colorado

Manifest Your Abundent Life VIP Day

I started seeing Veronica many years ago as a private client. Recently, our paths crossed again, and I signed up for her Sacred Alchemy After Loss group program. Instead of being stuck, I am learning and healing. Veronica is a very kind, compassionate person who will kindly tell you that you are in need of a new approach. The process is your own. The group is made up of empathic persons willing to be open and share their experiences, which are often profoundly similar to mine. I am looking forward to becoming more self-aware and healing even more deeply. Thank you, Veronica.

The process is your own

Sharon - Saratoga Springs, NY

Sacred Alchemy After Loss Program

Veronica’s group program, Sacred Alchemy After Loss, is powerful. When I finished the program, I asked a friend if they noticed any changes in me and they said ‘Absolutely! You're less angry.’ This was great feedback, and I do feel a new sense of calm. As a survivor of lifelong narcissistic abuse, I have trust issues, and I found the program to be a safe place to explore my feelings at my own pace. The work I did with Veronica addressed my deeper wounds gently, and helped me integrate my relationship with my inner child. Veronica is a true professional who creates a safe space for this subtle yet powerful healing and transformational work to unfold.

 A safe place to explore my feelings

Lisa C. - MA

Sacred Alchemy After Loss Program

I truly cannot say enough good things about Veronica Cole’s Sacred Alchemy After Loss program. Before I entered the program, it felt like the real me was trapped in a shell. Veronica’s program helped me uncover strengths I never knew I had and gave me a safe space to talk and feel supported. Now that I’ve completed the program, I feel stronger and understand myself better, and I’m moving forward on my journey stronger, wiser, and more in-tune with myself. Thank you, Veronica, for creating this program and this space for us to find our way again.

I'm more in-tune with myself

Rich Hichman, NY

Sacred Alchemy After Loss Program

In Their Words

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