What would it feel like to experience more peace and tranquility in your life?

To give yourself the gentleness of compassion and bring comfort to your tattered heart.


Moving Through Loss
For Mind, Body & Spirit

Monday, October 17th through
Friday, October 21, 2022 on Facebook!

All sessions begin at 6 pm EST to
7 pm EST.

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This workshop provides 

and helps to 

How would this Progressive Healing change your life? 

Healing happens in community.



To learn as you heal your heart.
Develop your spiritual wisdom.
Awaken to a life of expanded awareness.

Nothing can ever replace the loss of your loved one.

The spirit of this workshop is to be a



The healing journey is often lonely.

Come know the comfort of beginning your journey.

Share this space with like-minded individuals.

They need you as much as you need them.

 Come join my workshop community!

Here is what you get when you sign up:

➜ Free 5 Part Live Training: Join Veronica live each day for a POWERFUL 60 Minute Training detailing the exact process to begin healing your loss.

➜ Live Feedback and Support from Veronica.

➜ Printable Workbook Detailed for Each Day’s training to document information and support your learning. 

➜ One person who completes their homework will win their choice of a book bundle designed specifically for them or a gift card.

Feel overwhelmed?
Need things to be perfect?
Find yourself procrastinating a lot?
Feel stuck?
Fear the future and think something bad is going to happen?
Struggle with sleep?
Obsessively worry?
Racing thoughts that go nowhere?

When your losses are unrecognized, you deeply suffer.

You need your losses validated in order to heal.

You need time to process your feelings in a world which insists you must get on with it.

Has Your Loss Got The Best Of You?

Ignoring your feelings often
leads to unhealthy behaviors:
• Stress eating
• Drinking too much
 • Shutting people out
• Lashing out at others
• Stress related illnesses

All losses vary in degree according to your experience.

Only you know the depth of your feelings:

• Loss of an adult sibling
• Loss of a parent
• Loss of a child
• Loss of an unborn child
• Loss of a friend
• Life-changing illness
• Loss of a pet
• Loss of a marriage/partner
• Loss of a spouse
• Emotional Abandonment
• Loss of your childhood
• Loss of connection due to a move or disaster

Some of the above may seem surprising.

 Your losses are often dismissed without consideration for your broken heart.

Our culture often does not give us the dignity of time and space to acknowledge loss.

This workshop is cultivated to bring you a Powerful Transformation.
 You are infused with the Energetic Vibration of Love. 
Community instills compassion

You want to be heard.

Others need to know your pain and loss matters.

What can happen when you apply Sacred Alchemy to your loss?

You turn your pain of loss into a vehicle for transformation.

Possibilities appear. Possibility Thinking brings gifts globally.

You are a                               

Your personal experience is unique to you. Let’s begin where you are.


Creative Being!

You are more powerful than you know!

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We start on Monday, October 17th at 6 pm EST for 60 minutes each day.

Is This Resonating With You? Are You Experiencing The Pain Of Loss?

I am a Somatic Psychotherapist and Certified Body-Mind Psychology Coach and Grief Specialist partnering with brave, whole-hearted humans who are ready to heal their anxiety FOR GOOD.


I believe 

I believe that everyone can and deserves to live the life of their greatest dreams. Yes, this is possible… even if you’ve suffered for what seems like forever with your grief and anxiety.

How do I know? 

I’ve worked with dozens of clients who have suffered loss of all sorts. From members of the U.S. military with combat-related trauma to mothers grieving the loss of their infant children, NO ONE is “too far gone” to benefit from holistic grief, depression, and anxiety healing.

My approach is integrative

I work with brave, whole-hearted souls who want to see healing on all levels—body, mind, and spirit—so they feel free to become their best self, free from the chains of crippling anxiety and loss.

Hi, I'm Veronica!

What helped me especially in the Adult Sibling Loss Workshop was acknowledging the hole I feel in my heart of losing my brother to dementia. Losing contact with the brother I’ve known all my life. Veronica made me feel comfortable. She has a good way of addressing Veronica made me feel comfortable.

Veronica made me feel comfortable

FG - California

Adult Sibling Loss Workshop

My gratitude and heart felt thanks go out to Veronica Cole for creating this program, and this space for us to find our way again. She is a healing light and true caring individual there for us all.

Recovering from Adult Sibling Loss meets a dire need for survivors to not feel so alone in their grief

Jen, Mexico

Adult Sibling Loss Workshop

After my mother passed, my family was torn apart. Veronica’s gentle way of helping me with my grief was exactly what I needed. She never gave up on me even when I gave up on myself. I am a better person with a lighter heart, and I’m finally able to love again.

I’m finally able to love again

L.R. - NY. 

Grief Workshop

I truly cannot say enough good things about Veronica Cole’s Sacred Alchemy After Loss program. Before I entered the program, it felt like the real me was trapped in a shell. Veronica’s program helped me uncover strengths I never knew I had and gave me a safe space to talk and feel supported. Now that I’ve completed the program, I feel stronger and understand myself better, and I’m moving forward on my journey stronger, wiser, and more in-tune with myself. Thank you, Veronica, for creating this program and this space for us to find our way again.

I'm more in-tune with myself

Rich Hichman, New York

Sacred Alchemy After Loss Program

In Their Words

Here is what we will cover in the 5 day training workshop:

Day 01: What is Sacred Alchemy?

➜ How the philosophy of Sacred Alchemy can transform your pain and loss into an awakening.

Day 02: How to Process Loss through the lens of Sacred Alchemy

➜ Utilizing the techniques of visualization to heal your body, mind and spirit.

Day 03: Making Sacred Space

➜ You are a co-creator. Creating sacred space as a foundation for your personal sanctuary. Create a spring-board to leap into your best and most grateful self.

Day 04: Ritual and Circadian Rhythm

➜ Understanding how ritual and circadian rhythm are important for your spiritual connection and daily flow.

Day 5: Energy Healing Strategies to Reset Your Nervous System

➜ Discover how energy healing can reset your nervous system. Learn through demonstration how mudras (hand symbols) will shift your vibration, move blocked energy and promote healing.

Register Now.

Experience Relief.

Calm your nervous system. 

It is in community where we heal from the ravages of loss.

You will feel life's greatest gifts of compassion and love.

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