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Life is full of challenges.  Events can pop-up and cause us to take a slight detour or change course altogether!  Whatever unexpected occurrences may appear in your life your ability to bounce back, and be resilient has to do with how well you cope with your feelings, and circumstances.  All of these factors are either enhanced or lessened depending on the degree of support you have in your life.

We all need each other.  We all feel the transformational shift that is occurring on our planet.  Due to high-tech, super fast communication devices and information systems we are now a global consciousness, a unity consciousness.

We now can know in an instant what the weather is like in Bali, and what the people in Bali believe, and how they practice their beliefs.  As a result, we are expanding in knowledge and consciousness and learning at lightning speed what it means to be a global communicator.  There is no longer us and them, it is we.

As “we” become more accustomed to thinking in these terms we also need to be more conscious of behaving with compassion, and practicing forgiveness.  These may seem like tall orders when getting up and navigating through a hectic morning just to get to work seems like a feat in itself!  Traffic, being micro-managed, family events, long work hours, fast food, high prices and exhaustion seems to rule much of our lives.   In the past this has been referred to as the “rat race.”  Nowadays it has become commonplace.

However, there is an energetic shift occurring which is transforming how we think, feel and look at life around us.  Now more than ever before it is important we address our emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.  Now more than ever we need to practice extreme self-care.  Stress, hands down is the number one killer which compounds as anxiety and demands rise.  Studies show although we may not feel stress, we internalize stress unbeknownst to us, and this silent stress factor is at the basis of most disease.

My work as a psychotherapist addresses anxiety, stress and depressive issues.  As I mentioned in “About Me”, I believe all effective therapy brings us back to our spiritual center.  I am not referring to religion, although religion and spirituality certainly can be combined.  I am referring to the authentic part of you which contains your wisdom, gifts and talents.  This authentic you is a part of unity consciousness.  This is the place within you which contains all knowledge and which yearns to be expressed.  This expression is unique for each of us.  That is what makes my work so exciting to me!

We are spiritual beings living a human existence. We each are a diamond in the rough.  Once we become what I like to call “Soul Archaeologists” and dig for our truth what unfolds is an original masterpiece.  Nothing can compare to the sense of freedom and joy one owns through doing this work.  Life is a gift and it is worth the exploration of you.

For those of you who are entrepreneurs seeking to increase your success mindset, our work together is to help you get out of your way.  Get out of your own way so you can thrive and prosper, while bringing excellent value and service to your clients.

I hope we have the opportunity to work together – and if it’s right and we are meant to contract together – we will.  Whichever you may choose it’s all an inside job!


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